Friday, October 21, 2011

   So I'm 40 in 2 weeks!!!! How do I feel about it? Well .....I think age is all in your head. I know some amazing people women and men living amazing lives past their forties.I think that people get to know themselves better and feel less guilt about doing things they love. I know that I want to do things and spend time with people who make me happy. When I turned 39 last year I wanted to lose tons of weight.That changed in January, I wanted to feel more energetic and get healthier. I am looking ahead I want the next stage of my life to be healthy, flexible, and filled with grace.I feel I have made some fantastic changes this year.I feel like I am moving forward.

    So what are my intentions this 40th year....

   -to continue to eat my plant based diet. I still am enjoying eating no meat,chicken or fish.I have found some wonderful substitutions and I have only scratched the surface.

     -I love my yoga routine and I found a wonderful app on my new iPad ( my husband bought it for my birthday and I LOVE it.) You can pay a monthly fee and you get access to all of Gaiam TV. The yoga and workout videos. I want to continue to work on my flexibility, and add some tougher poses.I have a friend who has asked if I would want to take a yoga class through her.She wants to get back into teaching and needs some students."pick me,pick me" is running through my head when she told me.I would love to have some ideas on maybe getting better and trying some different poses.

     - I do want to lose 20 pounds this year.I know I can do it.I feel like I can do anything.I can adapt. I can learn new things.

     -to continue to work with physio and stretching my hip flexor.It will get better.My physiotherapist said the most wonderful thing that I think I have ever been told.She said she was so impressed with my dedication to my exercises.That she could see feel the difference.I was so surprised and I felt like my chest puffed out. I have NEVER thought of myself as a determined person.It's not a word I would have ever described myself with.But I will now!!

      -to enjoy more meals with friends and family.I am finding that people are becoming the focus of the meal.Not what I am eating.At thanksgiving I pilled my plate with veggies and enjoyed my meal with John's side of the family by the fire.I enjoyed the food I choose. I listened, laughed and really paid attention. This was the first holiday I didn't think about what I would be missing. I knew the veggies were going to be great and in didn't miss it.....Okay it smelled really good but, I just got my plate and wine and moved on.I am going to have friends and family over to enjoy the moments and the people.

   -to continue to get more plant based food into John and Josh. Both of them will try new things.John has veggie pizza with me now.Amazing!!!!

     -I am finding more baking recipes.I want to continue to have Josh in the kitchen with me.He loves to be in the kitchen and I love having him with me.

    -I want to enjoy this winter more.It is such a large part of the year and I need to get out and love this beautiful season.

   -To continue to be thankful for all that I have. My wonderful husband who supports me in all my crazy adventures.My beautiful son who continues to make me laugh and enjoys all the wonders in life.My family who makes me smile and give me a sense of roots.My friends they make my life bigger and fun.My home which I love and will continue to make more ours.

   Anyways I always look forward to my birthday and the new year.To me, it gives me time to reflect on what I want in the future and how I can get there.

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  1. Great inspirational post to start my weekend!!
    Love it! Love you!